Mists of the Morning

Starting Setup


OK Character setup for the upcoming game.

Base XP 600,000

You can divide this how you see fit based on the rules in my game understanding the following:

This is base XP and as such is subject to penalty and bonus. XP penalties for race are from the total. While, XP penalties for dual/multi-classing are related to those specific times. This can be a bit complicated but I am sure you will figure it out.


  • Dark Elf -10% Mage with 16+ in main stat for +10% has 600,000 final xp.
  • Vercen multiclass Fighter/Mage without 16+ in both prime stats gets 540,000 xp.
  • Randal Warrior Dual-classed into Priest with only prime 16+ for warrior gets 10% bonus on xp devoted to warrior but not on his priest xp.
Base Gold 2,000gp

You can use this for any mundane equiptment you wish to own. Understanding how your race deals with wealth should encourage how you deal with this money and how much you have left.


Write and send me at least a one page history of your character. Understanding that unless you specifically remain anonymous that the areas you adventure in will know you. You may even have folk lore, stories, songs, or even plays done about some of your deeds. These don’t need to be totally heroic things, but can include stories of love, suffering, cruelty, and charity.

Magic Items

Make a list of 10 items you want your character to have. Arrange them in order of most important to least important items for your character. Understanding that listing 10 powerful items might net you one or two depending on their power. Your character design and background will play heavily in how I assign you items from that list. Also, include any special requests or custom items you can think of with the list as it may help me decide and net you something special. If the items are not in the DMG please have a reference to were you found them so I can see them.


  • Eyes of the eagle used to increase sniping accuracy with a weapon.
  • Robe of Blending you use for that predator effect in your background.
  • Displacer cloak you made after you defeated the beast who was threatening a village.
Statistic generation

You start off with 8 in all 6 statistics. You then roll 2d4 7 times dropping the weakest number. Add those were you want to the 8’s. Then pick one stat to have a +2. You can at this point then change your stats by taking 2 from one stat and adding 1 to another. Finally once you are done you can add your racial adjustments. no statistic can be above 19 and strength can’t exceed 18/00.

In the case of strength specifically; if you have 18 before racial adjustment you can role percentile and if your race adjusts strength it will move it one category higher to a max of 18/00.


Rolls – 3, 5, 6, 6, 3, 8, 5. Drop one of the 3’s leaving you with 3, 5, 5, 6, 6, 8. Add to the base and you end up with 11, 13, 13, 14, 14, 16. You then can add 2 to one of those and adjust for race after that.


I reward style and depth in character creation and background. I also reward it in game sessions as well. Keep this in mind and you will make me smile.

Progression and XP Awards

XP is determined as follows. Each session will see a reward base of 15% of the XP needed for a Paladin to level based on total base xp awarded to the party. Starting is 600,000 putting us into level 10. Thus the first session will have a base reward of 45,000 xp. Bonus XP will then be given out based on Progression 5%, Role-Playing 5%, Wow Factor 5%, and ingenuity 5%. Thus a total of 35% of the progression level in base xp can be earned. For the first session that would be 105,000.

XP is all ways rewarded to the entire party and configured by the participation and application of the entire party. I do not believe in individual xp rewards. However, I do believe in rewarded individuals in game with opportunities, goal achievements, and access to in game benefits. This can include but is not restricted to wealth, prestige, and magic.



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