The humans in this world are divided into three cultural civilizations. The Mordrakes of the central north, the Vercen of the south, and the Ralden of the Coasts. Each civilization has limited interaction with each other through sparse trade and border skirmishes. In fact the majority of interaction with in the human races takes place in a few independent communities that exist on the convergence of the north south and coast in the Bay of Twilight.

The Mordrakes

The Vercen

The Ralden


The Elven people are divided into three distinct societies that each have different geographical locations and cultures. These divisions are the High Elf, the Sylvan Elf, and the Dark Elf. Each serves their own master, but all are tied together somehow. The High Elves are the Lords and considered to the blessed ones. The Sylvan Elves are the primal heart of the Elven nation and believe that the gods are just Elves that are closer to the forests heart. To that end they worship mainly primal elemental energies, but recognize those energies as they work through the gods that the High Elves and Dark Elves worship. The Dark Elves are the Magically gifted elves who have been so touched by the flame of raw mana that their skin bears the mark of its touch.

High Elves

Sylvan Elves

Dark Elves


Half-Elves are a mixed breed literally in this campaign world. Each sub-elf has different applications of the half-elf. The High-Elves do not allow interbreeding and will not only kill the child, but the mother and father as well. They will do whatever has to be done to deter this kind of behavior. No matter how long it takes to find the individuals. Any High-Elf protecting or harboring the parents or child are typically also killed. The Sylvan Elves on other hand are quite free with the Vercen and have many mixed race children. All such children are given to the Vercen to raise and care for regardless of were the child was born. Elven mothers tend to look in on their children, but never really develop anything more then a level of concern one might show a distant cousin. The Dark-Elves however are a completely different matter. They will typically only mate with powerful spell casters regardless of their lineage. This is all most all ways done in secret and without the knowledge of the spell caster. Even if the baby needs to be stolen at birth to accomplish their goals.

Sylvan Half-Elf

Dark Half-Elf

The Gnomes


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