The Ralden

The coastal raiding society of the Ralden are a fierce proud people who live off each other, the local monsters, and through raiding the northern continent which is home to the Orcs. There is a fierce rivalry between the Orc’s and the Ralden. Each society is made of fierce warriors, Skalds, and powerful Priests. Arcane magic in this world is all derived from Priestly ties, or through the Skald’s god pleasing songs. A straight wizard can exist with in this culture but they are so rare and usually hide or believe they are priests of one of their gods. The pantheon and the culture itself takes much of its structure and practice from the Viking culture of old Europe.

The organization is extremely clan oriented with many smaller clans rallying behind a main clan. The Warrior cast is considered to the be the leaders of this society, with a Skald's or Priests authority derived from their Warrior status only, or ability to advise the head warriors of the clan.


+1 Con, -1 Int

Ralden are given to passion not reason.


Ralden are all warriors of somekind. As such they are all trained with the Long Sword and buckler regardless of class. Use of the buckler allows spell casting. Also, Ralden Skald’s (Bards) can use chainmail with out penalty to their bardic spell casting.

Ralden are immensely fearless as such they gain a +2 to any saving throw vs fear, and a +4 on any morale check.


Ralden are mostly illeterate with the exception of the Priest and Skald class which can read Runes. They can also get by enough with common to trade and understand common road signs.

Ralden prefer to die in battle above all else. While they value their lives as a continuation of the battle they do not fear death, and as such do not see the world in a choice of life or death but rather battle and disgrace.

Ralden Rogues are virtually unheard of. The Ralden sense of battle and honor prevent some of the more dishonorable combat techniques from being used. Ralden tend to be very unkind to thieves, backstabbers, and unhonorable foes.

The Ralden

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