Weapon Style Specialization

As brought up in the fighters complete handbook I allow specialization in weapon styles for warriors. The following is a list of styles:

One Handed

Fighting with only one hand is a typically benefited by having that free hand able to do other things. These things can be casting spells, manipulating items, or grabbing opponents.

Benefit: +2 AC

Two Handed

Fighting two handed on a weapon gives it more power and in some cases more stabilization. Specializing in this form of fighting allows the warrior to inflict greater damage with his weapon.

Benefit: +2 Damage

Two Weapon Fighting

A very difficult style to master there are different variations of this style, and each can be chosen individually, but you must only use one style each round.

Defensive: Gain + 1 AC from your off-hand. If the weapon is magical its magical bonus is added to this.

Practiced: You do not suffer the penalties of associated with wielding a small off hand weapon. Rangers automatically have this.

Same Size: You can wield two weapons of the same size, but you suffer -4 to hit on your main hand and -6 to hit on your off-hand. These penalties are reduced by your reaction bonus granted by dexterity. Further if you are all ready Practiced you suffer the normal panalties of -2 main hand and -4 off hand which can be reduced by your reaction bonus from dexterity.

Parry: You actively use your off-hand weapon to parry, or possible entrap weapons. If you are using a weapon designed to trap another weapon you can attempt to entrap on a successful parry. Each round you get 1 attempt to parry an incoming attack.

Light Weapons

The use of light weapons over heavy weapons emphasizes technique and accuracy. As such a master of light weapons is more surgical in his striking.

Benefit: +1 Attack

Heavy Weapons

The choice to take an heavy weapon is one that focuses on increased ability to inflict trauma.

Benefit: +1 Damage

Balanced Weapons

You walk the line between damage and accuracy. The safe sweet spot in the middle. This allows you the freedom to adjust and take advantage of any situation.

Benefit: +1 Critical Range


Patience is your tool. The perfect shot at the perfect moment.

Benefit: +1 Critical Range

Rapid Shot

You are able to unload volleys of fire and just overwhelm virtually any situation.

Benefit: -2 Attack, +1 Attack in a round.

Weapon Style Specialization

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